Brewery News

A Bohemian Pilsner (Wed, 02 Aug 2017)

Winter has brought an opportunity for us to produce our first lager. With a spare fermenter and brew house temperatures around 11 degrees (except for bar days when it’s a balmy 18), we are able to prepare the 45 litre yeast starter required for the batch.Bohemian yeast starter

Bohemian decoction
Decoction: a mash porridge


This having been done, brew day involved a single decoction mash in the tradition for this style. All went well on the day and we hit our target temperature of 10 degrees for pitching the yeast. 15 litres of settled yeast slurry was pitched.




The pizza oven is go! (Thu, 18 May 2017)

garlic pizza

After lots of test runs, we are ready to start serving pizza to the public. To ease us into full production, we are giving away garlic and cheese pizzas by the slice. Grab a friend, a beer and a slice of delicious wood fired pizza.

Pizza available from 5pm on Friday 19 May.

Pizza Testing Begins (Fri, 12 May 2017)


test pizzas



With the cooler months upon us, we have decided to offer warming pizzas cooked in a new (to us) wood fired pizza oven. Still learning to drive the oven, it is setup inside and hooked up to our brew house exhaust system.

Testing is progressing well with the family having fresh pizza for dinner earlier this week.

Cubby Haus Music Starts (Fri, 12 May 2017)

Brewery P.A.

Sunday music sessions are commencing on May 28 at 3pm.

Wood fired oven gifted (Sat, 29 Apr 2017)

Pizza oven with Anne

Two lovely locals have donated their wood fired oven to Cubby Haus. A “down-sizing” event led to the oven being homeless. Thanks very much Anne and Greg, free ¬†pizza for you.