brew house and mopWelcome

Welcome to the home of Cubby Haus Brewing. We are a small craft brewery located in Mount Pleasant, Ballarat, Victoria. Our aim is to create small batch classic styles as well as contemporary interpretations.


Cubby Haus Brewing is a destination for beer lovers and dreamers. We are a family run brewery with a passion for good living, fantastic beer and building stuff.
Hand crafterd beer is produced on premises in our 500 litre brew haus.
Opening in September 2016 with 5 core styles, our range is constantly expanding with seasonals and pilot batches.
Experience a selection of our beers with a tasting paddle or by the pot, schooner or pint. Quality cider and wines are also offered in the bar.
Bring a picnic or choose from our selection of toasties and snacks. Relax on our comfortable couches while the kids play with the train set and chalk board.
Proudly making quality hand crafted beer with passion.

The Name

Why are we called Cubby Haus Brewing?¬†Easy. The brewery is a build it yourself deal. No consultants, no packaged components. Lots of research and experimentation. What is put together is a self designed and constructed prototype brewery in the manner of kids building their own place; a cubby house. Built from found and re-purposed objects, designed to be able to reproduce the best Bavarian beers and more, it was only fitting to call our brewery a “Cubby Haus”. The brewery is able to perform decoction brews replicating traditional Bavarian brewing techniques as well as standard single step infusion brews.


Travelling and living in England got me started on craft beer. Rural English culture and exposure to Real Ale started me on a journey to explore the real world of beer. Back in Australia and only being able to find a weak, commoditised and overly fizzy beer, I turned to home brew. I spent many years creating beers I liked without much understanding of style. The rise of local Australian craft beer re-introduced me to a diverse range of styles and interpretations. Home brewing suddenly got serious with a lot to learn. Reading, visiting breweries and long days brewing. It was time to go all grain, so I built a 50 litre brew rig. The garage was now a small brewery. With nowhere to expand, it was decided to move out of the garage into an actual brewery. Three years planning and finally we have moved in to our new brewery in Mount Pleasant.